Legal Information

Posting images on a web site poses many problems, not the least of which are the legal ones.  Particularly in France, where I live and work, the legal protection which people have regarding the publication of images of them and of their possessions is extensive, sometimes making the work of photographers difficult.  I have not knowingly infringed on anyone’s legal rights regarding the use of a face, monument or other legally protected object.  If you find a photo of yourself or of your property on this site, for which you feel permission needs to be given but has not, please contact me immediately to rectify the situation.

The quality of the images on this site has intentionally been kept low.  You are welcome to use any images that are not of specific people (particularly those of musicians) for non-commercial purposes, provided you cite me as the photographer.  For photos that are of specific people, of for the use of photos for commercial, particularly advertising purposes please contact me to make arrangements.

For purchase of higher quality digital scans, or of superior quality silver prints, please see the How to Obtain Photos section.


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