1.ACTING OUT: Voices From the Theatre in Palestine

Information for English language publishers

Acting Out is a book created with 50 men and women of the Palestinian theatre community representing 26 theatres, and Jonathan Daitch, a photographer and activist living in France.

It is a collection of personal reflections derived from interviews undertaken in 2015, ’16 & ’17 in the West Bank, Jaffa, Haifa, and Maghar, in Gaza through Skype, and in France during tours. During our interviews the actors, actresses, directors and theatre managers talked openly about the joys and the difficulties of doing theatre in Palestine. These testimonies provide authentic, intimate, and experienced views of contemporary Palestinian culture and daily life, affected but not diminished by the Israeli occupation.

The format presented below was developed with a professional designer in order to show graphically the collaborative and educational qualities inherent in the book, conceived as it was as a shared effort with the authors as well as with its readers. Given that publishers have their own styles and formats for presenting books, however we are open to other configurations which would meet the demands of a potential editor.

Acting Out contains approximately 65,000 words and 150 photos (of which 100 are small black and white portraits accompanying the texts). The format presented here gives a length of 220 – 230 pages.

The four excerpts from Acting Out, which follow the covers, consist of the Introduction and three texts (each a chapter) out of a total of twenty-six.

(A full description of Acting Out, including the CV of Jonathan Daitch can be found after the cover images)



The front and back covers each consist of the cover printed on one side and a fold-out flap printed on both sides.


Front cover

1st inside front cover: description of book

2nd inside front cover: map of cities & theatres visited


Back cover

1st inside back cover: portraits

2nd inside back cover: portraits

Click here for excerpts from Acting Out

Click here for more detailed information and the CV of Jonathan Daitch

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